Monday, November 1, 2010

"Final Fifty" frenzy.

book five is rapidly drawing to a close. i'm barrelling down on the ending, which turned out to be WAY more dramatic than i had originally thought. i always get so manic towards the end of a book, just wanting to write and write and do nothing else until the book is done. but of course i have work and family and life. and behind that in the back of my mind is always this gnawing need to get it all out.
Well, i certainly got it all out in this book. then on to the final chapter for my dear vampire and his pet. i will be sorry to stop writing about them--i've gotten to know and love them all so much that it will be like saying goodbye to an old friend. i guess i can always go back and read them, but when i'm writing they're so ALIVE.
this book will certainly need some editing, though, and probably some dumbing down of the sex stuff. i've never written anything adult-ish before and i'm not sure how much i can get away with. so i'll probably be cutting a bunch of stuff that's too graphic or whatever. it's not exactly romance-novel stuff, but explicit in a non-sexy way (i think). anyway, the next one will be much different, just as this one was much different from the other four. Not sure how to begin book 6, but by the time i finish book 5 i hope i'll have some idea. if not, i guess i'll just let my fish float at the surface and write my nano-wrimo book. or finish one of the other two books i started and never finished.
happy writing, happy reading!

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  1. aww, i think you should leave the sex stuff in!