Friday, November 19, 2010


severely bummed that i spent hours researching and falling in love with certain agent, only to be shot down like a doe in deer season. bleh.
on another note, do i really have to be antisocial to be a writer? i mean, sheesh. i really want to write, but i have all these other obligations...are ALL my friends born in november? sheesh. how many birthdays am i obligated to go to? not to sound ungrateful, i love my friends. i want to be a good friend. but i also want to sit on my butt and spew a good 30pgs one night. but with work, and friends, and all these there ever enough time to do what you love, do what you need, and do what you're obligated to do?
phew. got that off my chest.
so it's another night away from my dear, sweet, bloodsucking vampire. sigh. and next week will be pretty much a bust in terms of writing. i'll be too busy stuffing my face to type a word. my goal was to get this baby done by December. now i'm thinking, by christmas. need to get the 1st draft all wrapped up before too many breaks dull my inspiration.
Happy Thanksgiving, world!

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