Thursday, November 4, 2010


ha, well, the final book anyway. on page 22 stumbling around blindly like a vampire in sunlight. wahhhh!
i have a lot to cram into the last book to tie up all the ends and link everything together in a final, book-two-worthy, dramatic conclusion. i hope. but i never know what's going to happen and along the way something TOTALLY different than what i planned might happen. like the total plot-fuck ending of my last book. excuse the language. it was much different than i thought it would be. ah, well, i had to tell what really happened, and in keeping with my characters, that's what really happened. i say, let the bad guys be bad and the good guys be good and those ones you can't quite figure out...well, they can stay an enigma i guess. and if i love the bad guys sometimes and hate the good guys sometimes, then i guess i'm telling the elusive truth of fiction. because that's how people are. at least, the ones in my books.

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