Friday, November 12, 2010


so, i'm not going to use the term writer's block for what's going on right now, but i think it's like three counties over from where i am. i think the problem is this: i'm third of the way through my final book, the threads are not pulling tightly together, i dont want to write ANOTHER book, and i'm not sure how to fix it. plus, i really think my subconscious is sort of freaking out that it's my last book, so it's just stalling and not giving me anything good. you know, breaking up is hard to do or whatever. i dont want to end it because then i have to say goodbye to my characters, and i love them too much!
i thought maybe i'd give it a rest so i've just been proofreading some old stuff i diddled around with last year, but i sort of got sucked into that whole world, and now my vampires are just sitting there waiting and i dont know how to give them a kick-start. anyhoo, my giving-them-a-rest thing didnt really work out so well.
maybe i'm just stalling because i dont know what on earth i'll do with myself when i'm done. i mean, what if all the ideas are gone? when i have nothing left to write about...and i'm finished...then what? i guess i could edit, search for agents, fix my disaster of a query letter, write the suggested 5-pg synopsis. But it's not the same. it's not organic. it's not creating. i like the word-spewing, finger-flying, brain-absorbing lust of the first draft.

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