Friday, October 22, 2010

agent quest begins.

okay, so i've been writing and cooking up ideas for books for some time now, as most people who know me already know. since that's one of the, oh, three things i ever talk about.
anyway, i finally got off my horse (named nervous nelly, of course) and started looking for an agent today. *gulp*
sure, i've diddled around before looking for them and writing down ones i thought sounded feasible. but i've never contacted one. so i finally made myself sit down and send out some queries. six or seven i think. now i only have to wait 4-6 weeks of nerve-wracking, nail-biting, hair-chewing suspense to see if any of them write me back. after two months i figure i'll start another batch. maybe a month. never thought i could get so nervous sitting at my computer. i think i was literally quaking in my shoes when i hit that little SEND button.
but it's the first step, and one day, one day, maybe i'll get an agent, and maybe one day after that, i'll get a publisher. but i'll never know if i dont start writing them. i've been putting it off since, oh, maybe july when i finished my book. i keep finding more reasons to wait. but time is passing and i'm churning out stuff that might be readable, so what the heck. i'm ready to see where this horse is going. giddy up, nervous nelly. :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

book 5

having lots of fun writing this new book, throwing around new character personalities and such. dont know if i'll cut them when i edit (they're fun for now, but not sure yet if they tie into the story), but it makes writing new all over again. thank you cheating lesbian vampires. you're an inspiration to me. :)
so far, i'm getting on pretty well with my dialogue. got some good stuff in there, i think. ready to get rid of my bad guy, though. He's not cooperating so well, and basically, i'm tired of him. need some fresh blood in there, pun intended. soon, soon. can't hurry the story. i'm thinking six and i'm out.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

young adult books

so i'm writing my first book for young adults. and it is all so neat and easy peasy! i'm not sure if that's a good thing tho. maybe i'm missing all the complexities? it's for younger kids, middle schoolers. not sure how realistic i am about that age group, but anyway. it's been going okay. i think i'm halfway through plotwise, maybe more, but i'm only on page 50! so i dont know that it will pan out to be a whole book. more like a short story maybe? or maybe i can add things like i did my first vampire book. speaking of, it's so different i'm not sure anyone would ever know it's the same person who wrote them! or it feels like it anyway. so so different writing for 12 year olds than for adults. but it's a nice little break in before my next vampire book. number 5, here we come!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

it's a wrap!

thirteen pages's done. had a major write-a-thon yesterday adn cranked out so many pages i dont even know...25 or 30. and now it's done and overwith. until i start the next one of course. so book 5 is stewing and brewing in my mind right now...more adventure coming up. Not sure if i'll make the book into two parts, as the super really important thing that was supposed to happen in book 4 didnt really happen. so that may be part one of the next book and part two should be what it was scheduled. unless things get really out of hand, and i have to write another one.
still waiting on that call from my editor...trying not to be impatient, but i really wanna get on the search for agents, and want to make sure everything is good before i do that. so i'm just praying for patience and waiting it out and distracting myself by writing more. and of course, obsessively checking my email. once i hear from her, and pay her, and get her my book, and hear back from her, and edit her suggestions...then i can look for an agent. And that's going to be the hard part. but i'm not giving up yet.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

romance novels and fish and stuff.

getting really excited about this next part...and turns out i'm better at the cheesy romantic stuff than i thought! at least in writing. in life, can't say anything about that. but having so much fun writing again. last week thought i was getting burned out, but now i've found the river and the fish again and they are swimming like mad. maybe it's writing the young adult genre. not sure, but i cannot wait to write the next fifty pages, or the next book, for that matter. off i go, whoot whoot!

really, dont even ask about the fish. it's just a thing i use.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

phew, glad that's over.

so my major freak-out day has come and gone and i'm still here, writing along. had a really good writing session last night, although a lot of it was wonderfully pre-packaged as i'd already written the scene a month ago and just had to plunk it down in the right spot and tweak a few things to fit unexpected changes. i'm coming up on a big turning point and so excited! the whole course of the story is going to change here in the next hundred pages. then it's on to book numba five, yo!
^^^^^not sure why i did that. sometimes things just come over me so i just go with it.

also, so excited about nanowrimo, even though i couldnt wait to start my planned novel so i (accidentally) wrote 20 or so pages of it in the last 2 days and now i'm going to have to do something else for it. That's okay too, though, since i have 2 more ideas that have been rolling around my head for months and years, respectively. well, voila and that's that. for now.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

next stop, insanity station.

on the verge of total mental collapse, i fear. or is it that terrifying beast called burnout? i see the vultures circling...caw caw. wait, that's what crows say. what do vultures say anyway?

in other news, i've started a new book for young adults as i'm not sure where my vampire is going. he's currently hiding and refusing to tell me where he's going and what's going on. so i'm putting him aside for later. see how he likes that.

Well, that went well, i think.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

never post a blog when you're angry.

yeah, so i'm on my fourth book, which was supposed to be my third, but my third got too long so i had to cut it off and start a fourth, and now my characters arent ready for what's supposed to happen to them in the fourth book. crap!!!! am i really going to have to write another book b/c they refuse to do what i want when i want it? they're like pesky children, all of them. why can't they do things on my schedule? after all, if it werent for me, they wouldnt even exist. You'd think they'd show a little appreciation now and then and do something nice in return, but noooo...

Sunday, October 3, 2010


okay, so i hate to sound like a broken record, but since i am in fact a broken record i guess i'll accept that fact and go ahead and post this.

november is national novel writing month, as some informed people may know. Nano-wrimo stands for that whole mouthful of words. So the basic idea of nanowrimo's website is that you pledge, with many other aspiring and already thriving novelists, to start and finish the first draft of a 50,000 word novel during the month of november. at first i was skeptical, but now i think i'm going to go for it and i invite all others to join me. you can update your word count every day, look at excerpts from other novels, read about the struggles and triumphs and utter fails of all the other writers on there. Should be fun. and feel free to make fun of me if you see me wasting time on the website. for more information or to sign up for the challenge, visit the website. (plus, you get a cool badge saying you're a participant).

disclaimer, i am in no way affiliated with this project or website, except that i'm participating and want people to know about it. And no, i'm not getting paid to spread the news all over the place on every kind of social media i have. i've just been doing that b/c i'm a loser and have nothing else to do. :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

the waiting game

so i sent my blog off to three friends for opinions. two days ago...still waiting for the first comment.
tortured suspense. here's my yesterday.
check text messages.
go to work. check email.
check email. still nothing.
check texts.
get off work. go home. check text messages. still nothing.
do regular stuff. listen to The Other Boleyn girl.
take a drive. check texts.
obsess about king henry VIII and the Boleyns.
check Facebook. check email. still nothing.
think about vampires and Boleyns.
wish i'd brought my latest disc of Tudors with me.
check email. check fb. check texts.
go to bed. dream about losing my camera at a party.
wake up. repeat.