Sunday, October 10, 2010

phew, glad that's over.

so my major freak-out day has come and gone and i'm still here, writing along. had a really good writing session last night, although a lot of it was wonderfully pre-packaged as i'd already written the scene a month ago and just had to plunk it down in the right spot and tweak a few things to fit unexpected changes. i'm coming up on a big turning point and so excited! the whole course of the story is going to change here in the next hundred pages. then it's on to book numba five, yo!
^^^^^not sure why i did that. sometimes things just come over me so i just go with it.

also, so excited about nanowrimo, even though i couldnt wait to start my planned novel so i (accidentally) wrote 20 or so pages of it in the last 2 days and now i'm going to have to do something else for it. That's okay too, though, since i have 2 more ideas that have been rolling around my head for months and years, respectively. well, voila and that's that. for now.


  1. Book #5?? I thought there were only going to be 4? :-)

  2. well....maybe it's the verbosity. it keeps coming, so i keep writing! i'll stop when the storm of inspiration is over. maybe five books, maybe fifteen. who knows. (well, not fifteen. i dont have that many ideas!) right now i'm thinking five, possibly six. dont worry, you wont have to edit them all!