Wednesday, October 13, 2010

it's a wrap!

thirteen pages's done. had a major write-a-thon yesterday adn cranked out so many pages i dont even know...25 or 30. and now it's done and overwith. until i start the next one of course. so book 5 is stewing and brewing in my mind right now...more adventure coming up. Not sure if i'll make the book into two parts, as the super really important thing that was supposed to happen in book 4 didnt really happen. so that may be part one of the next book and part two should be what it was scheduled. unless things get really out of hand, and i have to write another one.
still waiting on that call from my editor...trying not to be impatient, but i really wanna get on the search for agents, and want to make sure everything is good before i do that. so i'm just praying for patience and waiting it out and distracting myself by writing more. and of course, obsessively checking my email. once i hear from her, and pay her, and get her my book, and hear back from her, and edit her suggestions...then i can look for an agent. And that's going to be the hard part. but i'm not giving up yet.

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