Sunday, October 17, 2010

young adult books

so i'm writing my first book for young adults. and it is all so neat and easy peasy! i'm not sure if that's a good thing tho. maybe i'm missing all the complexities? it's for younger kids, middle schoolers. not sure how realistic i am about that age group, but anyway. it's been going okay. i think i'm halfway through plotwise, maybe more, but i'm only on page 50! so i dont know that it will pan out to be a whole book. more like a short story maybe? or maybe i can add things like i did my first vampire book. speaking of, it's so different i'm not sure anyone would ever know it's the same person who wrote them! or it feels like it anyway. so so different writing for 12 year olds than for adults. but it's a nice little break in before my next vampire book. number 5, here we come!

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