Friday, October 22, 2010

agent quest begins.

okay, so i've been writing and cooking up ideas for books for some time now, as most people who know me already know. since that's one of the, oh, three things i ever talk about.
anyway, i finally got off my horse (named nervous nelly, of course) and started looking for an agent today. *gulp*
sure, i've diddled around before looking for them and writing down ones i thought sounded feasible. but i've never contacted one. so i finally made myself sit down and send out some queries. six or seven i think. now i only have to wait 4-6 weeks of nerve-wracking, nail-biting, hair-chewing suspense to see if any of them write me back. after two months i figure i'll start another batch. maybe a month. never thought i could get so nervous sitting at my computer. i think i was literally quaking in my shoes when i hit that little SEND button.
but it's the first step, and one day, one day, maybe i'll get an agent, and maybe one day after that, i'll get a publisher. but i'll never know if i dont start writing them. i've been putting it off since, oh, maybe july when i finished my book. i keep finding more reasons to wait. but time is passing and i'm churning out stuff that might be readable, so what the heck. i'm ready to see where this horse is going. giddy up, nervous nelly. :)

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