Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So I've read my first vampire book maybe twice. mostly i just want to read the story, and make little proofreading and gramatical corrections (how my spellcheck didnt catch WEKK when i meant WELL is a mystery i will never understand). but now i'm getting a real editor (i think) so i dont want to send her an embarrassingly bad first draft! so i'm trying to reword pretty much every sentence...or a lot of them anyway. i had no idea that my mind had such a passive voice! sometimes it can't be helped and i just have to leave it, but seriously, i got so tired of seeing the word WAS i WAS about to scream!
when i'm first-drafting, i mostly just want to get the story down. i dont pay much attention to things like word choice or verb choice. Sometimes i can't think of the exact word i want to say, so i put in the closest one i can think of and go on. the goal in the first draft is just to get it all out there and hope it turns into some kind of plot--i just want to say this is what  happens, what he did, what she said. i find the place i need least editing is in dialogue--i want the characters to speak naturally, not worry about using passive voice. but in the prose, i am bogged down by it. trying to change a paragraph with 2 WASes per sentence in every sentence is a frustrating experience, let me tell you! and very very slow. i get caught up in reading some dialogue that moves the story along so quickly, and before i know it i'm so caught up in the story i realize i'm not editing at all, and i have to go back half a page and get all those WEREs and WASes. i can't exterminate them all, but i do my best. it is a slow arduous progress. And no, i dont care if my blog is passive voice!
my last word on the subject: DIE WASsy WASes, die!!!!

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