Friday, December 3, 2010


So I finally heard back from my friend the editor. And on Tuesday, she will officially be MY editor. I think. I hope. If I can afford her. And even though I was told by an agent that vampires are so yesterday. Apparently I missed the memo that it's all about angels nowadays. But come on, bad guys are way more fun to write about.
Well, that's about it. Got to get back to editing so I can get my draft to my editor. (You can't see it but my eyes are rolling).


  1. Whatever. Whoever said vampires were "yesterday" obviously hasn't been to a bookstore (or turned on the TV...or been to a movie...) lately! :-)


  2. one of the agents i contacted said that, which is very bad news. she said all she ever gets are fairy tale retellings, vampires/werewolves, and new-agey stuff. :(
    i made the point about the bookstore too...i guess the thing is everyone is trying to get more of them published, so my chances are slim. boooooo....