Monday, April 4, 2011


Yes, so as I was growing up and throughout my teen & college years, I always thought that watching disturbing movies and stuff would eventually make me less sensitive. Actually, the more disturbing a movie or book was, the more I liked it.
Among my movie favorites: American History X, Boys Don't Cry, Seven, just to name a few. In fact, although certain horror movies grossed me out (too much gore, not enough story), I never found anything TOO disturbing for me to enjoy. I'm not sure if this has changed for me, as I'm too scared to watch those movies anymore.
Strangely (to me anyway) I've gotten much MORE sensitive to disturbing movies, and especially books. I do remember reading a few books in college that may have disturbed me for life (Bastard Out of Carolina and The Beans of Egypt Maine stand out in my memory). But now, pretty much every book with anything at all disturbing upsets me.
I started reading an Oprah Book Club pick this morning that I got on sale at my local library for $0.20 (yes, that's twenty cents. Can I just say I love the library?) This book has many accolades and was highly reviewed by critics. But I just couldn't read it. This may be the second book I've ever put down and just could not read. (The first being Cujo--I love Stephen King, but even in high school I just couldnt stomach bad things happening to innocent children. Though I did read Pet Semetary, and dozens of other Stephen King books, and loved most of them).
I'm just too old to spend hours reading through 500 pages that make me feel sick to my stomach. I'll have to pass this book along to a younger, less sensitized person. Or at least someone with a stronger stomach.
I'll just stick with young adult...maybe middle grade for my next selection.

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