Thursday, March 31, 2011

Life's like a jump rope

Currently Reading:
The Danse Macabre, by Stephen King.

The title of this blog refers to a song by Blue October, which happens to be particularly fitting for my life right now as I try to navigate the big scary world of online networking. So far, I'm keeping it pretty small. Not quite getting my feet wet yet, more like putting one toe in. Reading all the writing/agenting blogs and such has made me depressed more than once.
On the bright side, I'm seriously considering putting a book online, so we'll see where that goes. My goals are pretty modest right now.
I'm still slowly working through my agent list for queries, so...well, we'll see where that goes, too. So far, it's a learning process, and for someone as impatient as me, that's difficult. But I hope it will pay off in the long run. I had my first nibble from an agent, so that was some badly needed encouragement.
And since then, I've been forcing myself to write again. I had a few bad weeks or maybe a month of stasis, possibly brought on by reading too much gloom-and-doom stuff online about the end of the publishing industry. I'm trying to limit my consumption of these blogs from now on. Also, I may change the content of my blog here soon as well, in hopes of obsessing less and controlling my writerly neuroses (yes, that is plural, I have lots of them).


  1. Ignore the publishing drama (and any other drama for that matter) and just focus on the writing and living a fulfilling, happy life. Books aren't going anywhere. I still see major book deals going down...including debut authors. And movie rights getting sold...before the debut authors books even release. (Roth's Divergent, TH Mahafi's book and movie deal are just to name a couple)
    There are lots of lovely writers online that make for a delightful community. I promise. :)

    Happy writing,