Tuesday, March 22, 2011

By the Numbers

Lots of writer's set writing goals for themselves, something that I try to do, but I'm not very strict about sticking to it. Mostly because one day might be busier than the next, and I might not have time to write, or I might be lazy, or need to get an overdue DVD back, or have plans that night, or...you get the picture.

The point was, I got to thinking about writing goals. Some people have a word count goal, but I prefer to stick to pages. Otherwise I get to obsessing about watching that little counter at the bottom lefthand corner of the page crawling upwards, or I stop to check way too often.

Well, here's what I figured out. If I take 5 days off, and still meet my 5pages per day writing goal the other 360 days of the year, that makes....1800 pages per year. That's 6 adult books or 9 young adult books, approximately. Of course that assumes all 1800 pages are good, which would never happen, at least not for most of us. Even assuming half the pages are crap (hey, I'm an optimist), that's not too shabby. Now if I could only stick to my goal, and stop getting in slumps, and stop procrastinating, and stop watching TV at night and...ah, well. It was a nice thought.


  1. I've given up on setting specific goals. But then, my life is so busy lately, when I have the odd moment to write I am intensely productive.

  2. I dont meet my goal half the time, but i try to have one!