Monday, March 14, 2011


I haven't been posting a lot lately, as I'd meant to do. But the reality is, I've been busy writing. And though I like blogging, the book comes first. So, now that I've finished the first draft, I have time to write a blog. Phew. It's a whirlwind, mentally-exhausting process. I didnt get major brain-drain this time except maybe one day. It's like when I write, I go to this other creative place where my conscious brain is only halfway engaged. If I have off work and it's a writing day, sometimes I get so into a book that I spend 8 or 10 or maybe even 12 hours in one day writing. I might stop to eat. But I've been known to forget lunch until 4pm during a bout of intense writing. But after I write all day, my brain feels...well, limp. Wrung out. Creatively exhausted. When that happens, it takes a few days to recharge so I can write again. In my spare time? Well, I write other, more intellectually engaged things, like blogs (fun), query letters (scary), my finances spreadsheets (scarier).
So now I'm in that after-book limbo. Recovered from brain drain, waiting for inspiration to strike and tell me what to write next, if I should start something new or go finish one of the other 5 books I started and abandoned. Or if I should write one more and make a trilogy, or stick with the books and sequel I've already written. Hmmm...only time will tell.

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