Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekly blehhh...

Sometimes you just have one of those days/weeks/months/years. Everything goes to bleh and you just want to drum your head against the blehing wall.* But if you don't, or even if you do, you might get something else done, too. You might knock out your blehs, or some brain cells at least. You might shake loose an idea. Or you might just get a headache, if you didn't already have one.
You might learn a valuable lesson while you try to knock out your blehs. You might learn that it takes 26 good knocks before you get a headache, or only 6. You might learn that this is time well spent, or not. You might learn that you now can't remember why you started banging your head to begin with, and you'd rather go back and force yourself to do something more productive. Or you might just stand there thumping your head against the wall until the neighbors come over to complain. But that could be a learning experience in itself.

*I in no way condone banging one's head against the wall, nor do I claim responsibility for either positive or negative effects resulting from this activity if at any time you decide to do this because of or not because of reading this or any other blog entries I have posted previously or may post in the future.


  1. Your disclaimer is hilarious! I remember when i'd complain about being bored or feeling listless, my New Jersey grandmother, a character in her own right, would say "Kid, take yer little head and bang it against the wall."

    This never seemed all that strange to me, though I can't imagine saying it to my own kids.