Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ye Olde Query letter...arg.

Feeling a little pirate today, so you must read at least the title in your pirate accent.

I have a strange confession--I actually enjoy writing query letters. I know, I've probably lost some marbles to say that, but they can be fun. And of course necessary. So I'm looking on the bright side. I've written....gaw, hundreds of them it seems. Mostly rewritten, I should say. Usually, I like working out a summary, then chopping everything out that isn't absolutely essential. I've got one query letter that I've never gotten right, but maybe that says something about the book. Hmmm...might be time to pull it out for another rewrite?

Unfortunately, that's the book I decided to shop first, way back when I had no idea how to write a query letter (or even what a query letter was). I banged out a query and thought it was all easy-peasy and wow. When I read it now, it's so bad I laugh. But I've stuck with it and all its revisions, and there have been lots. I don't want to start querying a new book when I haven't finished querying my last one. Big no-no. So I'm rewritting (again) my query and sending it out a few more times.

THEN if I don't have any bites, I may have to start polishing my other stuff and figuring out if any of them are good enough to shop. At least my query letters are decent (I think!) and useful, and give a sense of the character and voice along with plot.

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