Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This book's for you!

So, yesterday I posted a list of reasons why someone might not like my books. Then I thought, that was a little discouraging. I wouldnt want to tell people not to read my books, after all. So I thought I'd make a more positive list today. Here it is. Ten reasons someone might actually want to read my books.

You might want to read my books if:

  1. You like getting to know the characters more than a ton of action sequences
  2. You don’t mind people who swear, smoke, drink, and otherwise misbehave
  3. You like amusing dialogue that makes you squirm a little sometimes
  4. You can overlook a lot of character flaws and still like someone
  5. You don’t mind a mixed-bag ending or one that’s more hopeful than happy
  6. You throw a book against the wall but you’re still likely to pick it up and finish it
  7. You can deal with a lot of pop culture references, even if you don’t know them
  8. You like smirky guys
  9. You can love a character who has absolutely nothing exceptional about her
  10. You don’t mind if no one smolders.

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