Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm Baaa-aack!

So, I realize it's been about a year since I posted a blog--or it feels that way, anyhow. Turns out being sick with the flu is not conducive to writing. Sure, all I did for days was lie around, but I was hardly at my creative best (or any kind of best, for that matter). Mostly my brain tried to cling onto the two or three one paragraph scenes it managed to send up through the haze of pain and chorus of moaning/coughing. But I did manage to consume copious amounts of tea, eat vitamins by the handful, and possibly cough myself into great shape (or at least that's my wishful thinking).
Today I'm feeling a bit alive again, and even sat down to bang out a few pages. I tried editing during my flu, thinking that would be easier than straining my brain with the creativity--heh heh. Yeah. Right. Like editing is ANY easier than writing. Needless to say, that endeavor was a giant FAIL.
But here's to hoping I'll be back on track, writing and maybe even blogging a bit more this month. Happy February!
Last week's major downer:
Flu: 1
Days spend lying in bed/on the couch: 6
Pages written: maybe 1
Pages edited: 2
Cups of tea: oh, thousands
boxes of tissues: at least 1/2 a big box
sneezes per day: I only counted one day...I sneezed 52 times.
bursts of inspiration: 0
productive tasks completed: 0
bottles of cough syrup: I'm working on it...It's about 1/2 gone.

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