Thursday, August 19, 2010

Taking Off

I was about ready to give up on my novel. I just couldn’t get it right, and nothing seemed to click like I thought it should. It was much harder than I expected. I had to think everything through and it all seemed plotted and uninspired. I still may toss my first one and just take some of the backstory and put it in the second.
I was about fifty pages into the second one, which is three hundred pages into the story, when POW! My vampire came to life. Not sure who to credit with that. Maybe my redneck woman. Anyway, I’m pretty happy about it, and the inspiration at this point. New things are popping up and the shape of things is becoming clearer. Yes, I know the ending (of this book at least, though not the ending to the whole thing yet) but I’m not sure what other twists and turns will show up on the road before I get there. I’m just holding on for the ride, seeing where the story goes. It’s pretty fun.

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