Monday, August 23, 2010

i just noticed i use a lot of parentheses in my blogs.

i dont want to brag, but OMG, is it possible to be in love with a book?
i sat down and wrote thirty pages today (trust me, that's a very good day) and i was in the zone. i dont know if they'll ever see that light of day, ie, the eye of a publisher, but can i just say i love my book without being a total egomaniac?
but who am i kidding? Writers are all egomaniacs. the very act is one of ego. i mean, i'm saying that reading my book is the very best way for you to spend $10-20 and five hours of your life you'll never get back. i better think it's good.
so, let's just say, today is a very good day in my writing life. everything is coming together well, although in sometimes unexpected ways, and (almost) everything will wrap up in a few more chapters. or that's the plan right now. planning a book turned out to be a lot like planning life, though--you can plan all you want, but characters (like people) dont always do what you want, so the book ends up going places you didnt necessarily plan. much like life (mine anyway).
on a different, please dont think you have to hate the bad guys in all books. i always love mine. i hope if you ever read my books, you'll find them as twistily delightful as i do.

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