Saturday, August 21, 2010

chatting with brad

how goes the wangster?

getting your writing on? i saw the other day you were starting a blog

u mean gabe ;) ?

yep yep. writing about writing. fascinating stuff, let me tell ya

i saw a book today at the library....and now the title is gone out of my head...but the catchline was something about "the president's guardian vampire" and i thought of you and can't wait till i see your book at the library :)

haha thanks. you may be waiting a while.

no problem...i think its cool though that you are trying to do it

yeah, well, it's probably a pipe dream or whatevs. i guess when i stop writing i'll start looking for agents & editors. know any?

i get little thoughts in my head sometimes about little stories i could write, but then "poof" they are gone and i don't think about it again for a while

ummmmm, i bet there are tons of agents here in nashville....and i do know one editor, she mostly does science editing, but i'm sure she could edit a book

u should write short stories. apparently that's the foot in the door u need. but i never have ideas for short stories. i have ideas for four and five novel series.

yeah, but i have no idea how to get started...i guess i could google it :) anyway, i can edit for you too! i have been reviwing manuscripts for some journals for science stuff....

plus then i get a first draft look at it

and know the story beore anyone else

and can blackmail you not to sell secrets

well you just start writing. that's all i can say. most writers throw away the first few paragrapsh or even pages or chapters in a book. you always sound stiff at first but once you get going in your natural voice, that's when it gets good.

yeah....i was reading this book called "girls, drums, and dangerous pie" and in the back they had an interview with the author, and he gave alot of tips on how to start writing books and stuff, it was pretty interesting

i encourage all attempts, even if they dont pan out. i mean, what do you have to lose? a few hours that would have been spent watching tv, that's about all. and you're being creative instead. come on brad, be my writing buddy!

where he gets his insperation for charachter traits, and lines, etc.....

OOOOH, totally have read that book and the interview! i really liked what he said about taking a walk b/c i totally do some of my best thinking while i walk.

ok, but i can't write about vampires, cuz they know...vampires suck :D ..... and that was a good book, but SO SAD!

and now i am reading the most violent, gruesome book ever!

oooh, fun. what book?

its called "battle royal"....richard lent it to me to read....

and vampires do suck...i just watched that movie the other day!

Richard is my other writing buddy. he's also gonna write about vampires.

its a japanese book about a jr. high class that get put on an island by the goverment and they have to kill each other tll one is left

i bet richard has quite the imagination

oh, so kinda like "Lord of the Flies" meets "Survivor"?

meets "texas chainsaw massacare"

LOL. nice.

did you finish the Nancy Farmer book?

House of the Scorpion (?)

yeah...its just VERY descriptive in the death.........oh, no i didn't get that one yet, i'm trying to get it on CD, but so far the CDs are all checked out, and they have it on playway, but i can't listen to that in my car....its all very frustrating :D

but i got Raven's Gate today on CD, via Anna's suggestion

DEFINITELY listen to it. the guy who reads it is really good--so good i looked him up to see if he read anything else. never heard of raven's gate...what's that?

dunno, Anna said i would like it

i didn't start it yet

i'm still trying to get her to read The Great Gatsby.

i never read that....good? i know its like a classic or whatever

So good. esp. on audio. that guy reads just perfect for the book.

i might have to try that takes me a while to get through an audio book though b/c my work is only 3 miles from home :)

it's only 5 disks, i think. and so worth every second. plus, i quote it in one of my books :)


i'm posting this convo in my blog. do i have your expressed written consent?

and you quote me, of course

haha....sure, but don't make me out to be a bad guy or anything ;) i know how you writers like to use quotes :P

i haven't quoted you in my book yet. it would be hard, seeing as how it's 200yrs in the future. but i was thinking about working Angry Muffins into one of my other books. :)

haha! do it!

oh, you know though, i could make a camio (sp?) in one of your books...i could be the "rock star" vampire....with spikey hair and eye makeup

lol, more likely one of my other books.

one of your trashy romance novels? :P i could be the bad guy

hey, my romance novels arent trashy, lol...tho i think actually the one i quoted Fitzgerald in is the one that will never see the light of day because it is trashy. too bad :(

you could be a multi-gene author...just use a ghost pen name for the trashy stuff


nto gene

hmmm, i'm having issues with typing

well, i think i'll be going. nice talking to u. read my blog if you ever feel totally bored or really need to fall asleep, lol! or maybe if u need some writing advice. (in future blogs)

sounds good...stay golden ponyboy

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