Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So I'm just getting set up on here and trying to figure everything out. SOMEBODY told me it was easy... should know not to listen to website designers about these things!
Anyway, here goes nothing.
Or, rather, something, about me.
Disclaimer: if you ever read any of my work (the real stuff) I am highly opposed to exclamation points. However, I can't seem to stop using them online. Actually, I haven't really tried to stop using them, because i like them on my blogs. Also, I don't pay much attention to little things like capitalization when i'm blogging. sorry. consider this a brainstorming, freewriting, unselfconscious first draft.
and dont criticize my grammar choices. there's no law against adverbs on a blog. Or adjectives for that matter. i like those things. i'm an English major. if they aren't used, then what were they invented for?

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