Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Review Wednesday: The White Princess by Philippa Gregory (The Cousins War Book 5)

The White Princess by Philippa Gregory


For this review, I thought I'd do something a little different. I've never blogged a bad review before, because I like to stay positive and promote my fellow authors. However, I couldn't skip this review after I'd reviewed the other books in the series. I couldn't bear to relive the fury of reading this book by writing an actual review, so I'm posting my status updates from goodreads as I read this book. Hopefully it will spare you the pain of reading it yourself. 

Reading Progress

10/22 marked as: currently-reading
10.0% "So far, this character seems like a whiny spoiled brat. Hard to sympathize."
25.0% "It bothers me how blatantly the author takes sides. She doesn't like Henry, so she tosses in a rape to make the reader hate him. And beyond annoyed w both Elizabeths calling Henry a usurper while conveniently overlooking the fact that Richard was, too! Going to try to finish, but this one will be tough."
30.0% "Having some serious problems w how things are presented here. Why does Elizabeth force her daughter to marry Henry and become queen, only to try to dethrone the king? Makes no sense whatsoever. Don't believe it."
35.0% "the authors blatant bias towards the Yorks makes me root for the Tudors. #epicbackfire."
40.0% "Despite your best attempts to make Henry VII look completely humorless and loathsome, the historically noted rebel-turned-kitchen boy scene was included. Thank you for not ignoring a piece of factual info bc it didn't fit your fictionalized characterization."
50.0% "Okay, either Henry is paranoid that there's a York boy out there, or he killed the York boys. You cant have it both ways!"
60.0% "oh poor poor Elizabeth...her husband doesn't love her enough. Um hello! She doesn't love him at all, and roots for her brother she hasnt seen for 20 years, who wants to kill her husband! Beyond ridiculous."
70.0% "Oh, the horror! A king plans to marry off his children for political advantage! THAT'S never happened."
80.0% "According to this book, E. is a whiny, selfish hypocritical bimbo and Henry is a barbarian. At least she's trying to make them interesting."
85.0% "Let's see how many times E. can act all shocked and horrified by a marriage w a 12-15 yr age difference...after she jumped in bed w her MARRIED UNCLE! Disgusting hypocrite."
90.0% "So the Tudors only had girl heirs because Elizabeth CURSED them? BajahahaHahahHAHAAHA!!!! SO freaking hilarious."
95.0% "so illogical in every way that its just plain nonsense."
100.0% "Time to find another royal author."


  1. Too bad you didn't like this. I've only read 4 Gregory books so far; The Other Boleyn Girl, The Boleyn Inheritance, The Kingmaker's Daughter and The Constant Princess. The White Princess was actually on the top of my TBR list but seeing this review makes me wonder if I should even splurge on it at all.

    Thanks for the honest review! Your updates were actually hilarious and I look forward to seeing more bad reviews from you in the future. Ok, that sounded mean but you get my point. :)

  2. I'm glad you liked it. This is the first bad review I've posted on my blog, since I like to keep things positive. The bad ones are confined to Goodreads, lol.

    I loved The Other Boleyn Girl and some of her others, but this one just rubbed me wrong at every turn! Maybe see if you can get it from the library and then buy it if you like it?