Monday, September 2, 2013

Mancrush Monday: Hunter Hayes

Okay, so you know when you have a celebrity crush, and every time you see him on TV or whatnot, you get that stupid giggly feeling? So then you decide to go look up pics on google, and he's just ever-so-dreamy? What else is a girl to do but blog about it.

This week's man-crush is Hunter Hayes. Feast your eyes.

You see? You see how dreamy he is? In case you've never heard of Hunter Hayes, he sings "Wanted," one of the most cheesetastic songs that you ever secretly sang along to in the car and wished your own sweetie would think of you when he heard. You know you do it, too.

He also sings "I Want Crazy," but we won't go there.

He is super duper hot when he sings. Go look up his video if you don't believe me. I'll post this link  so you don't have to go far. And this other picture, well, it's just because every girl loves a guy with a guitar, right?

See the smolder.

 Love the smolder.

 But wait, there's more. He can do more than just smolder. And sing. And hold a guitar. Don't be fooled by all the brooding faces. He also has the most adorable little half-smile you ever did see.
 And because we all love a guy who can laugh, he can do that too. What a man of many talents. Not only that, but he can also change his hair. Edgy, or sporty? Who can choose just one?

(Disclaimer: I do not presume to know if he actually styled his hair himself, so I can't give him full credit on that score. Suffice it to say, he's got enough other talents that the hairstyling can't be too big of an issue).


  1. Yes M'am...Hunter Hayes is the hottest thing in Country music. He is multi talented having co written all the songs on his cd, played all the instrument (30), sang the songs and co produced it. Talent is overwhelming. Did I mention he is very easy on the eyes. Love this kids so much not only because of his talent and looks, but because he is not afraid to talk about his love of God, Family & Music. What a great role model for kids today. We need more Hunter Hayes & less Miley Cyrus!