Thursday, June 20, 2013

Project Happiness

In the words of the great Lana del Rey, “I’ve got that summertime sadness.” In other words, lately I’ve been really down. I think I get that way in the summer, though I’m not sure why. Last summer, when I was feeling down, I created a Facebook album called “Things That Make Me Happy.”

This year, I decided to add one picture to the album every day in June. I’ve missed a few days so far, but I’ve made up for it by adding two the next day. So far, I have everything from spiders, mountains, my husband, my son, flowers, food, and sunsets. All things that make me happy. I’m not sure that it has made me any happier, but it has made me more aware of little things of beauty. I try to take a new picture every day, but on some days, I’ve been extra low and haven’t found anything inspiring to photograph. On those days, I’ve looked through recent pics, none older than a month, and found a picture from my phone’s albums.

I was considering making a scrapbook page about it, but I haven’t been scrapping much lately, so I’ll just put up one of the pictures from the album. To see the rest, head over to my FB page.
I hope everyone else is having a cheerier time. Happy summer, everyone!

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  1. Hey, Lena. There is such a thing as SAD from too much light. Some people respond to the plethora of sunlight available this time of year with a low mood. I find it a little overstimulating? There is also such a thing as SAD from rapid changes in light levels, as in spring and fall. Not much you can do but ride it out, but sometimes figuring out causes can help you feel less crazy.