Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello, 2011. Thanks for the inspiration.

So as everyone knows, I finished my series and am looking for an agent. But I also had some inspiration for a new book during my last book. Unforunately, I had the following thoughts: If I start this new book, I might never come back to my series book, or it might not be as inspired as this new book that I want to write so much.
So I didnt write the thing I was inspired about. I finished book 7 in my series, and let the new book marinate in my mind for a month or two while I finished. Then, when I tried to write it, guess what? It wasn't inspiring anymore. I forgot my own best advice, which is to write what inspires me RIGHT NOW. That's why lots of times I write scenes from later on in a book, or even later in the series if I'm writing that. Then I just tweak them to fit the part of the book where they belong, attaching the scene to other things I've written previously in the book.
Well, so my new novel stalled. But while I was struggling along to get the inspiration back and write this new novel (so far, untitled), ANOTHER idea came into my mind. This time I followed my own advice and did NOT wait to finish my other book. I just started writing, and now I can't stop thinking about it. I haven't been this inspired and passionate about a book/writing for a while. It's like I can't wait to get back and start writing, and everything else I do feels like an unimportant distraction compared to writing.
YES! I love this feeling!

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