Wednesday, September 29, 2010


so i read over my first book of the series, and i'm ready (relatively speaking) to send it off to a friend for the purpose of editing and suggestion. i'm so nervous! i know i shouldnt be, but i can't help it. just like when i meet with my editor friend, i'm always on my last nerve. it's nerve-wracking showing so much work to someone and knowing there's a fifty-fifty shot they'll go, 'what were you thinking? that's the worst book i've ever read! i can't believe i wasted all my time reading that, you talentless bird-brain.' or something like that. probably not to my face, since they're friends. But behind my back, anything goes. maybe i should just go to a conference and let strangers tell me that. at least then i wouldn't have to face the pitying looks,(can you believe she thought that was a good idea?)
oh, well, guess you never know til you try. might as well get it over with and move on to the next thing. besides, i dont want an editor thinking i'm nuts for trying...i'd rather have a friend tell me. at least then i can pretend they dont really mean it.
so here goes nothing. or everything, depending on my frame of mind at any given moment. yes, i know i'm a wreck. it's part of the job description.


  1. It will be fine, Lena. I am sure it is a great book and very entertaining. I only wonder, when is it going to be my turn to read your awesome work? I may not have great editing skills or the power to suggest subtle changes, but I would give you the opinion of the everyday reader. That may be the most important opinion of all when it all comes down in the end.

  2. thanks, but i'm not sure you're the kind of person who regularly reads vampire love stories, so i'm not sure you're my target audience, lol. But thanks for the vote of confidence!