Monday, May 28, 2018

Whatever happened to...The Superiors Series???

Okay, y'all,

I know not everyone reads blogs anymore but here goes. I get questions about this series from time to time, so I'm just gonna try to answer all your questions here for those wondering.

Here are the common questions I get and their answers! Feel free to ask other questions in the comments if you've got 'em.

Imaginary Average Reader:  Is the series over? It ended on a cliffy. Not cool, Hillbrand. Not cool.

Me: No, the series is not over. There will be one more book. I'm *hoping* to get it out this fall.

IAR: What! I thought there were 7 books! It said so everywhere.

Me: Hrrmm, well, let's see. Here's where we have to get real for a sec. Publishing is expensive. I am not a full-time author. I have a full time day job, and while writing is a labor of love for me, I need my income from books to at least cover what I spend on each book. Covers, formatting, editing, etc. This series just doesn't.

IAR: But I love this series! I want more! 

Me: I love it, too, but it just doesn't do well. It takes months to write and edit a book, and all that is working for free on top of losing money on publishing expenses. Especially when I could be writing something new that more readers might enjoy. I'm doing my best to wrap up all the loose ends in one more book in this series, though.

Grumpy Reader: You greedy cow! How dare you not work for months and years for FREE!

Me: Um, because I'm a normal person who has bills and a family to feed?

IAR: Trust me, I understand being busy! I have a job and a family, too. I've just been waiting so long, and I see you publishing other books...

Me: I have tons of ideas besides this one, and sometimes, the muse just can't wait. Some of them were more successful, so I wrote the next in that series instead of this one. It really is that simple.

IAR: So what can we do to help The Superiors find more readers?

Me: Recommend it. When you hear someone asking for book recs where this fits, like a different spin on vampires, tell them about it! If you use Goodreads, recommend it. If you are in FB reader groups, drop it in appropriate discussions. If you have reader friends IRL, tell them. That's it. That's how a books succeeds. Word of mouth and reader love. <3 br="">

IAR: What if I can't get anyone to read it?

Me: ...

Also Me: Welcome to my life. Lol. Not even my mom reads my books! But seriously, just leave a review somewhere. That's a way to recommend a book without knowing any readers.

Grumpy Reader: So I have to write a review?! That takes like 15 minutes, and I don't get anything in return!

Me *whispers*: Imagine doing that for 15 months.

Grumpy Reader: You're a horrible person and I will tell everyone you're holding your book hostage!

Me: You don't have to write a review or do anything else. I will still publish book 5.

IAR: Okay, I'll go tell everyone book 5 is coming. And tell some friends about book 1.

Me: Thank you. You're why I continue this labor of love! I'm grateful I have a few fans of this series, and for your patience. I do want everyone to have closure and be happy with the ending!

IAR: One last question. Do you do book signings?

Me: Not yet. I'm usually a hermit. But I'll be at Comic Con in St. Louis in September. See you there!

And drop any more questions below, if I didn't cover anything. :D