Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Review Wednesday: Not That Easy (Sequel to Virgin), but Radhika Sanghini

Not That EasyNot That Easy by Radhika Sanghani

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is the sequel to Virgin, which was such a hilarious read. So when the publisher asked if I wanted a shot at the sequel, of course I jumped at the chance. And I'm so glad I did. It was maybe not quite as good as the first book, but it was still well worth reading.

In this book, Ellie has shed her virginity and is ready to move a big way. Like, she decides to be a slut. She begins this quest by joining Tinder to meet men online.

Like the first book, this one has its share of gross-out moments. When Ellie kisses one of her dates and he bleeds on her face (NOT KIDDING!) I was gagging. But not all her dates are as bad as that one. The book isn't exactly a romance, though Ellie does meet a guy named Nick and date him for most of the book. At first, I thought he was a little *too* perfect, but when his ugly side comes I don't know if English people are different about their view of the word slut, but I was a lot more pissed at Nick than Ellie was. I couldn't believe her friends were telling her to give him another chance. Ugh. No matter what apology, his angry side was inexcusably ugly and misogynistic.

There were some big laughs, too. I was thoroughly absorbed, though it took a few days to get there this time, so I stayed up late reading one night. Ellie and Nick were hooking up, and in the midst of it, they had a disastrous 69 attempt that left me in tears of laughter. I couldn't stop laughing for so long I thought they neighbors might come check on me to see if I'd completely lost my mind. So if you were a fan of the first book and its humor, you will probably like this one as well. Not quite as good, but a strong sophomore effort from Sanghini. I will be waiting patiently for more from this author.

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