Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Year in the Life of a Writer (Writer Wednesday)

Last week I posted about a manuscript I worked on in 2014. This week, I thought I'd give an update on what I did in 2014 (for all my fans, haha). I know you're all dying to know. But since I didn't write for several years, and I started back up at the beginning of 2014, I figured I'd post about a year in a writer's life. Mine, in particular.

January 2014--Wrote a manuscript for the first time in over 2 years. Possibly burst into tears when I finished. This will be Book 1 in a series I started in 2011.
February 2014--edited manuscript
March 2014--beta submissions & edits
April 2014--agent submissions, wrote another manuscript (This will be Book 8).
May--Revisions to both MS I wrote this year.
June--Resubmissions to interested agents, painted our house, tended garden.
July--A lot of work on house and garden, failed attempt at spin-off novel abandoned at 15k words, started a cooking blog.
August--garden work, cooking blog, revisions based on agent suggestions, retitle manuscript
September--Queries, cooking blog, wrote another manuscript (Book 6).
October--Critique group revisions & edits to book 6. Outlined for & began writing Book 7. Cooking blog.
November--Participated in NanoWrimo for the first time, completed Book 7 in my series. Scrapped most of Book 5 (written in 2011), outlined for new version. Quit cooking blog.
December--Beta reading for other authors, revisions based on beta suggestions for my own book, query letters written for 2 books, edits on Superiors Book 4.

So those were my writerly pursuits this past year. I hope in 2015 I can get as much done and then some! Big plans to write 3 manuscripts and edit 3 more.

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