Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Year in the Life of a Book (Writer Wednesday)

So I thought for New Year's I'd give a recap of what happened in my writing life this year, as well as what happens to one book. Since I started this book last January, it makes perfect sense to focus on this one. It's a contemporary YA which I will release under a pen-name, and since I don't know if it will be self published, I'm not going to give a name (since if picked up by a traditional publisher, they'll probably change the name.

Without further ado, this is how Untitled Manuscript fared last year.

January 2014--First draft written & titled
February 2014--My usual 3 rounds of edits
March 2014--Beta Reader search begins. Found 10 willing readers.
April 2014--Edits made based on beta feedback, back cover text written.
May 2014--Had planned to self-publish, but was encouraged by beta reader/authors to query agents. Never had any luck before, but wrote up a query & sent it to 10 agents whose names I remembered from querying about 5 years ago. Got a request right away. Wha??? Queried 10 more agents.
June 2014--Got a "revise & resubmit" request from my #1 choice agent, who had requested the full manuscript. Edits made based on agent suggestions, resubmit to agent & submissions to other interested agents.
July 2014--Query 20 more agents, retitle manuscript, failed spin-off novel attempt.
August 2014--Further revisions made based interested agents' suggestions.
September 2014--Rejection from my #1 agent. Round 3 of queries. Nudges to unresponsive agents.
October 2014--Research agents. Retitle book yet again. Submissions to interested agents.
November 2014--Last round of queries. Had set my limit at 100 agents, and got 10% request rate. Which is actually really good, believe it or not.
December 2014--Set aside, waiting to hear back from 4 agents who have the full manuscript. Then it's back to my original plan....

All this time, I was not sitting around waiting, though. I moved, started up a little garden, and even found time to write. For a more complete picture of a writer's life, see next week's post.

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